Connect authentically, or lose future business

The end result was a play-it-safe mediocre haircut, that in all reality, I could have got anywhere. I was enjoying the experience regardless because I was amazed at the play that was happening. Watching him restrict his joy, because he wanted to “not do a bad job.” He didn’t enjoy himself at all. I gave him an empty canvas that said “Create Your Art BRO! Here I am!”

The Mill of authentic connection; honored self-sincerity in business

The Mill in Lisboa - Business of Authentic Connection

You see, I wasn’t really rejected at all. He was just politely informing me about how he and his team are able to offer an incredible product, or service; and was committed to that. He simply wasn’t willing to jeopardize that so I would like him, or approve of him. He knew on some level about the most important thing; Authentic Connection, and where connection truly begins – within himself and his team. He was honoring Self-Sincerity, before trying to please anyone else.

The failure to seek help; Authentic Connection lost

These lessons never cease, the opportunities to see how we might disconnect ourselves from what we desire most; which of course, is some form of Authentic Connection. Five minutes ago was no different. Another AHA! moment that brought a smile to my heart

The woman’s advantage in business; intuitive caring

This is more about the nature of intuitive caring, than it is about the woman’s advantage in business. The advantage is real, however it’s not only available to women; it’s available to both men and women because we all have access to an inner quality that carries a feminine flavour of deep nurturing and caring.

How to really BE free – Total experiential accountability

In a playful effort to communicate this, I invite us to return to simplicity. Exposing a principle that can start with the most basic foundation and then expand into the extremes. So common it is to immediately jump to the extremes; which is really a way of avoiding the simplicity of our own denial of what we reject within ourselves.

In darkness to In Light; the path of authentic self leadership

In the presence of Light, darkness doesn’t even have the chance to say, “Hello.” There’s not even a conversation about if the darkness can have just five more minutes. It’s immediate, instant, and eternal; it’s absolute. To open a dark closet, and to flip on the light switch, the darkness doesn’t even fade away, it vanishes. See how this has played out in your own life, where there was a moment when you had doubt, confusion, frustration or some element of fear. All of a sudden a light switched on inside and in an instant all expressions of fear vanished.

Business & Money is Spiritual; The Spiritual Path of Every Path

While traveling down what I might call a spiritual path, I’ve seen the same challenges arise as when traveling down every other path; most notably, having to face myself. I’ve had to face a truth that kept showing up time and time again. The conclusion I’ve come to, is that Life itself is the ultimately spiritual path; which includes every path traveled, business and money included.

The Art of Letting Go

[Offered Free; Limited Time] A quick exploration into the nature of… Getting Out of the Way Yours Free Today: A 22-page e-book and the Event Audio Recording Excerpt… Really, the invitation is to look inside of yourself and say “okay what’s really going on here? What’s really going on, because yes, I see in my […]