Self-Inquiry | Meditation | Conscious Observation

1 to 1 Session

The opportunity to clarify your reality and connect with a new depth of seeing, being, and sharing the miracle of what you are.

I'm amazed with how quickly Tiger can... set me straight; and he does it with so much love and compassion.  I always smile so big when we finish our call.  



He shows me just how deeply my business life is entangled with my spiritual life.  It blows my mind and opens my heart.  I'm more available for "people" now, and it's super beautiful.



Genuine, a pure heart; a beneficial presents in the world. Tiger helps me so much to see more clearly, what I already know. I no longer feel like the Lone Ranger. He is a beautiful dude.



I think I'm pretty smart and then I talk with Tiger.  He's the rain-man when it comes to seeing beyond the veil.   He sees through my BS and gently invites me to love more deeply.



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I (tiger) work 1 on 1 differently with different people, and offers this service on a sliding-scale and is subject to my current availability.  If you would like to learn more about the possibility of connecting 1 on 1, please fill out this form and I’ll send you more information.


  • Tiger is not an “advice” kind of guy; in the way that he doesn’t tell you what you should or should not do. 
  • If anything, he will assist you in seeing beyond the noise and recognize you already know where life is flowing.

  • In addition to this, Tiger’s focus in these sessions is exposing your inherent connection that already is.  

  • In this, his interest is not figuring out a strategy in order to capture something in the future.  

  • At best, he will point you in the direction of truly enjoying the journey regardless of where you imagine yourself to end up.

a simple path toward inner transformation through a willingness to be still, connect, and observe.

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