02 Innocence of Pain (HWI)

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Innocence of Pain; Healing the Wound of Inadequacy

02 Innocence of Pain (HWI)
Healing the Wound of Inadequacy

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Track 2 of 6 | A profound 2-hour audio journey to guide you home to the wholeness of what you already are. Led by Tiger Singleton, and softly carried by the inspired music of Caleb Fawcett. This audio experience is from a live event recording, in Copenhagen Denmark.

Transcript Below

Healing the Wound of Inadequacy

Track 02 – Innocence of Pain

In this space, I invite you to recognize something profound. Within the heart of every human being, is a pain. And however painful it might be, I invite you to recognize this pain.

In its recognition, I invite you to, as well, acknowledge all of the stories wrapped around this pain.

We feel this pain within, and naturally the mind attempts to understand why.

In its attempt, it says,

“because of this,

because of this,

because of this.”

…And beyond all of those stories, every human being feels the same pain.

You’ll notice, in all of your own stories, it’s about the same pain.

Last week, when you felt rejected, you felt the pain that was the same as last year; with a different story told.

Last week you felt the pain of something not going how you thought it should go; and five years ago, you felt the pain of losing what you thought you gained.

Yet, the same pain.

When your friend expressed their sadness, they told a story about a pain that saw themselves as not enough.

The same pain.

What is this pain?

What is this one pain, that we all feel?

Naturally, if it’s a pain we all feel; the one pain experienced by all.

It can’t possibly be wrong.

It can’t possibly be misplaced.

It’s within everyone.

What is this pain?

Behind all the stories, we find a soft whisper, a soft whisper that says, “I’m afraid. I’m scared.”

Scared of what?

In some way or another, this fear says…

“I’m scared that I’ve lost myself.”

“I’m scared that I’m separate from what I crave.”

“I’m scared that love might be lost.”

“I’m scared that I might be separate.”

Do you see how this is everyone’s fear?

For a moment, remember all of your interactions with others. Those moments when others were scared.

Those moments when we ourselves, or those we loved, acted-out violently.

Scared; confused. Lost in their attempt to navigate a miracle beyond the mind’s comprehension.

How innocent is this?

Do you see the obvious invitation to lay down the judgment, to lay down the assumption that says we should know better; that others should know better?

Because we have all been scared, we have all been lost, we have all been confused.

In tomorrow, we will be lost and we will be confused.

This is where we find a sacred innocence; a sacred remembering that knows, it’s okay.

It’s almost as if we remember… that nobody really knows what they’re doing, and that we all, ALL, are doing the best we can with what we have, where we are; given the journey we’ve traveled.

What I find so incredibly fascinating about this human experience, is the capacity within our mind to become convinced of what it… only thinks it knows.

From these assumptions, we build walls; we withhold love.

These walls act as great barriers that push away life.

From behind this fortress, we cast stones, throwing judgment; accusations.

First onto ourselves, and then hurled into the direction of others.

Naturally, you can see such an innocence, as it’s all based on a misunderstanding of what’s real; temporarily confused. Setting the stage for a discovery.

Setting the stage for a great healing where a light emerges and we discover that the love we thought was lost, actually, it was here the whole time.

It didn’t go anywhere.

In the same way, clouds might cover the sun; the sun remains.

How innocent are such clouds?

It’s okay, it’s okay.

For this is the play of being human; the journey, the opportunity.

It’s the only story ever told, within the heart of a human who innocently believed love was lost.

Only to travel a path of remembrance, “oh yeah, it’s not what I thought it was.”

Such a discovery, such a resurrection, breaks down these barriers; gently lays down these stones, and love is allowed to flow.

Not yesterday’s love, but a new love; a deeper love, a pure love

A love that forgives all; and this is the great expansion.

A necessary game being played.

Forgotten, remembered;

a contraction and an expansion.

The tide that goes in and goes out.

Maybe, just maybe; it all is, as it’s supposed to be.

For here you are, in this moment; right now,

in whatever battle you’ve been through,

whatever the journey has been,

here you are.


In a stillness that’s always been there;

holding whatever confusion might have shown itself.

Here you are in this moment,

not gaining anything, not becoming something;

but remembering.

Remembering what has always been true.

Maybe this is the point.

Maybe, this is the point, of it all.

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