01 Reminded to Heal (HWI)

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Reminded to Heal; Healing the Wound of Inadequacy

01 Reminded to Heal (HWI)
Healing the Wound of Inadequacy

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Track 1 of 6 | A profound 2-hour audio journey to guide you home to the wholeness of what you already are. Led by Tiger Singleton, and softly carried by the inspired music of Caleb Fawcett. This audio experience is from a live event recording, in Copenhagen Denmark.

Transcript Below

Healing the Wound of Inadequacy

Track 01 – Reminded to Heal

Today’s going to be a beautiful journey, and I’m honored to share this experience with you in written format, which I feel really allows us to take our time. 

No rush, so please allows the words and the poetry to touch your heart; for this is what it’s all about.

It cannot be said enough, that this unfolding, this journey, this Life, is not about the words.
It’s not about what we think we know, it’s not about what we think we figured out. 

Forever, this will be the great distraction.

So I invite you to relax into a space within yourself that’s not here to get somewhere, or to figure something out, but rather, to connect with the presence that’s just here.

Recognizing, “Oh, this is where I am right now.”

If you hear what I say, wonderful; and if you don’t, no worries. If it makes sense, fantastic; if it doesn’t, fantastic. You can still, just be.

The theme for today is… Healing the Wound of Inadequacy.

Throughout this journey, it’s very likely that I might say some challenging things that invite us to look at a pain we don’t want to look at.

But naturally, for something to heal, it must be acknowledged; must be seen. So understand, anything that does come out of my mouth, it’s coming from a love that desires for you to see what’s really there.

 Which is a love behind the fear and the only thing I’m saying, is that you are free.

If you would like to argue with this, that you are free, that’s allowed. You are free to argue. All will still remain to be incredibly well.

So let’s begin.

Reminded to Heal


What time is there?
That lasts long enough. 
Where does sorrow end?
When life seems so tough. 

What reason can there be 
for a sadness that won’t leave? 
Why, oh why, can I not hold on 
when loss is staring right at me? 

Sincerely, I want to 
remember the point of it all. 
How could this be life
for a self that feels so small?

Could it be, that this is it?
A temporary dance with 
occasional hardship.
Life forcing me to let go.

Not allowed to hang on. 
I wish I could just flow with it
and let this life be a love song.

As everything passes around me.
Nothing so permanent. 
I have to ask myself with sincerity.
Am I living this life to the fullest? 

Reminded am I, of
all my time spent clinging 
hoping for others to change 
while I ignore my own feeling. 

Is life really this short 
with tomorrow never promise? 
Why in hell would I wait 
to be the self I always wanted?

Free to be, the longing in my heart.
Free to live a life that resembles 
some form of passionate art. 

This must be why life is always 
bringing me to my knees. 
To show me a love 
that reminds me, to just be me. 

I want to live, I want to fully breathe. 
Dance away into the sunset 
and be willing to play
in Autumn’s leaves. 

So serious I was, thinking 
my desires were to be judged. 
Not realizing one bit, that
all of life was meant
to be hugged. 

I welcome a new beginning
a chance to finally be real. 
Face my fears with a deep honesty 
and allow from my heart, to heal. 

The Discovery of Healing


In the softest way, to address this discovery of healing, to address everything within us that seems distant, separate, unhealed…

Forever what will we find is that what remains unhealed, is simply… a misunderstanding. 

Healing, is simply a clarity about what’s true. Healing is a recognition that there is nothing unhealed. 

In the same way, much of what we discover in this life, much of what allows for our aliveness to return, is some form of remembrance that recognizes,  “Oh, it’s not what I thought it was. What I was so afraid of isn’t actually there.” 

What we find is that real healing is the release of argument.

Real healing is the surrender of resistance.

In this surrender, we recognize that there’s a healing quality in life that remains constant; in such a way, that life itself, is self-healing.  

For one could watch a forest burned down, and yet, for the patient heart, you will watch new life spring forth; without doing anything.  

You will watch as life reorganizes itself to allow for new flowers to bloom, to allow for new life to emerge, to allow for this miracle to continue on. 

The pain that arises, in what is seen to be unhealed, is often this idea that it is up to you; that somehow you’re not doing it right, that you’re not enough.  

I’ll tell you something, if you try and do something that is not for you to do, you will find a painful inadequacy.

You will see something that says “you’re not enough.” 

The theme of this entire written journey, will be looking at the truth of this. The truth, that the you that tries so hard, IS not enough. 

Inviting you to let go, inviting you to relax and let life be enough. 

In this, every pain that arises, every declaration from the mind, every movement within that sees yourself as not enough, you can say “yes, thank you. Oh yeah.” 

It’s an invitation to see the truth.  

In this, you don’t have to argue with inadequacy.

You can allow it to be what it is. 

For haven’t we seen this our entire lives that we try, and try and try, only to in some way lose what we are trying to capture. 

Yet, throughout that whole journey, throughout that whole journey, life has been breathing through you. 

Life has been doing it the whole time. 

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