a simpler path toward inner transformation
through a willingness to be still,
connect, and observe.

Ancient wisdom and insight have pointed to this for thousands of years, however, the human mind is determined to complicate what is profoundly simple, immediate, and true. 

It’s my honor, and joy, to point you home to an inner life of more love, compassion, and freedom.

~Tiger Singleton



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The Path


What is self-inquiry?
The opportunity to look beyond the illusion of yourself and connect with/recognize something that’s much more real, substantial, and worthwhile.

“Who Am I?” is the most ancient question and is at the root of all desire and suffering.  Every agitation can be traced back to believing something about yourself that’s not actually true.

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What is meditation?
The opportunity to connect with that part of yourself that’s untouched by judgments and expectations. It’s the space where your heart and soul are allowed to breathe, peacefully.

It’s the ancient practice, co-opted by an industry that focuses on self-improvement while missing entirely the real-life value of being still and turning inward.  Meditation is so much more than reaching a goal.

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Conscious Observation

What is Conscious Observation?
The ability to look at life, others, and self, without (or less of) a filter of separation (fear) that looks to protect an ego-structure.

“What is really happening, here?”  To look beyond traditional and conditioned ways of seeing, each experience presents an opportunity to see something profound.  Ultimately to recognize, all is well.

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To connect with an internal recognition that sees yourself and others as a whole; while also sharing in the beauty of that wholeness with others.


To connect with a depth of understanding that allows you to be undisturbed by the fearful mind and the socially misunderstood; courageously holding space for love to be seen. 


To be unhindered as you discover and connect with a heart-centered permission to fully be yourself and follow your heart’s resonance.

Who is Tiger Singleton?

Tiger, is a rare breed of playful chaos and compassionate directness. He is the founder of InLight Connect and has spent the last decade or more sharing insight and wisdom with people all over the world.

His pointings, which he considers only to be a sharing of personal discovery, are focused on a present moment awareness of what is actually real and true, beyond the mind’s conditioning.

No fluff, no-nonsense, just a direct and sincere investigation of what is actually happening in this playfully crazy experience called “being human.”