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My name is Tiger Singleton​

My role is as a playful guide who points you inward, to see the depth of your inherent connection with everything you crave. If you’re open for it, we will explore the real life opportunity of waking up to more love, compassion, and freedom. ​


Our focus is playfully uncovering and seeing beyond a veil of separation that sees (imagines) yourself as distant, or separate, from what you crave.  

In this, the investigation can be quite challenging (at times) as it invites us to recognize and honor just how much we create our own reality. 100% experiential accountability.

If you prefer a life of blame (someone else creates it), this space is not for you.  However, we love you and honor the way you see.  


To connect with an internal recognition that sees yourself and others as a whole; while also sharing in the beauty of that wholeness with others.


To connect with a depth of understanding that allows you to be undisturbed by the fearful, and courageously hold space for love to be seen. 


To be unhindered as you discover and connect with a heart-centered permission to fully be yourself and follow your heart’s resonance.

Who is Tiger Singleton?

Tiger, is a rare breed of playful chaos and compassionate directness. He is the founder of InLight Connect and has spent the last decade or more sharing insight and wisdom with people all over the world.

His teachings, which he considers only to be a sharing of personal discovery, are focused on a present moment awareness of what is actually real and true, beyond the mind’s conditioning.

No fluff, no-nonsense, just a direct and sincere investigation of what is actually happening in this playfully crazy experience called “being human.”

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The daily explorations of Tiger Singleton are joyful jewels of deep insights that I’m looking forward to read every weekday morning. Shared to point us in the direction of recognizing our true nature, these direct and efficient messages remind me of who and what we truly are.  💖🌈

~Hira Hosèn

Recent Writings & Blog Posts

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Have you noticed whatever appearance of progress you've made in your life that has been profoundly meaningful, in some way, it is an expression of a courage to be honest; to be yourself, to be you, and to let go...

Wheel of Blamed Sadness & Happiness

This wheel of blamed sadness and blamed happiness is what fuels the chaos of human life; both individually and collectively. It is so far removed from the truth of one’s harmonious nature. The issue isn’t so much about blaming for...

Feelings of Powerlessness About Painful Past Circumstances

My best pointing is, again, radical self-honesty about the real issue. Like everyone else, I have past experiences that could be considered to be traumatizing, and at times, those moments are remembered and feelings of powerlessness can arise.

The Secret To Peace is Knowing I Don’t Know

It's odd, that the secret to peace is knowing I don't know. There's a comedy in watching how every internal agitation is in response to believing I know something I don't really know. Most notably, about what something means.

Impossible Understanding… Be an Artist

Everything about you is like a piece of art, open to interpretation. The genuine artist doesn't create art to be seen or understood, the genuine artist creates art because there's no other option.

The Dream of Identification

To understand the dream of identification resolves much if not all, of the confusion around suffering and conflict; personal and collective. Although, to truly understand it, is somewhat of a death sentence for any personal sense of identity.

Lay Down the Polarity

The nature of a balanced and harmonious polarity is an understanding that both sides are of equal value; and... the only thing that can create an unbalanced polarity is through overvaluing one side. It’s recognizing that each side is also...

The Defense Mirror

It can be quite the rude awakening within one’s self to see the violence that comes with defending your ego. To the point where... what you accuse others as doing to you is something you are actually doing to them.