You soulfully crave, is
already present & available
within the very fabric of reality.

The Gift, the REAL PRIZE in Life...
is Already Given.

The Question is... 

  • Are you willing to stop chasing the illusions of an insane world, and come back to the Heart of Life, the Heart of what you really are?

YES... Please!

I help people connect with a deeper reality beyond the mind and rooted in their heart, so they can experience a more grounded, peaceful, and playful life.

 -Tiger Singleton
Founder of inLight Connect


As humans, we all have a tendency to view ourselves and the world through a lens of fear and emotional distortion. This lens creates imaginary monsters that tell us it's not safe to be ourselves, enjoy life, or love. 

These monsters (fearful illusions) can lead us to contract and push away what we truly desire, resulting in unkind behavior, self sabotage, and a desire to control those around us. Life often becomes a prison sentence instead of an opportunity to connect, explore and share. 

imaginary monsters

However, with the right tools and guidance, it's possible to break free from these limiting perspectives (illusions) and tap into our inner wisdom that quickly brings us back to reality. 


inLight Connect is an online platform created to help individuals understand and transcend the misunderstandings around suffering.

Through various formats, inLight Connect, led by Tiger, provides insight and wisdom that helps individuals to see past the fearful and distorted conditioning that cloud their perception of reality.

We invite you to connect with an ancient and practical truth that honors and celebrates the beauty and miracle of Life. The focus is to engage Life with more love, compassion, and freedom.


  • inLight Connect

    “Discovering Tiger and InLight Connect has been an experience of resonating with the simple truth of... recognizing the Beauty that We Already Are! So many amazingly simple nuggets of truth and shifts in perspective have been shared in such a beautiful authentic space!

    If you are interested in discovering, being, and expressing your heart into this world! I encourage you to come play with inLight Connect.”


    Business Owner

  • inLight Connect

    “There have been few people in the world that have opened my mind and heart like Tiger has. When he speaks, we cannot help but remember how sweet and playful life truly is.

    His compassionate humor melts the walls around our heart; and word after word, the true nature of our being is revealed as hiding in plain sight. Many can write poetry, few live and embody it.”


    The Psycho-Spiritual Therapist

  • inLight Connect

    “I fail miserably in describing with words what Tiger's retreat meant for me. It goes sooo beyond words. How to describe the love I feel? How to describe the space I'm in? How to describe the newfound joy of going on a journey of endlessly discovering mySelf? How to describe the limitless appreciation and gratitude that is in my heart for Tiger, for the people and life itself?

    Don't get me wrong - your non-sense will come up and there will be moments were you might want to quit but: the freedom you feel at the other end is all worth it!”


    Retreat Attendee

  • inLight Connect

    “Sitting and listening to Tiger is an amazing way to be taken by the hand and shown the Truth in a non-dogmatic, compassionate, sincere and down-to-earth way.

    Tiger's use of words, the softness he radiates and the wisdom he shares gently peels off every layer of non-sense that has become our identification in today's world and leaves you with a space that allows for total and utter freedom.”


    Business Owner

  • inLight Connect

    “One of the most amazing things I've ever done in my life. Wow, wow, wow. How do you describe wholeness and the feeling of all is one just with words? My heart was for the first time really open to "all is one". I had understood it before, but now I'm feeling it.

    Thank you Tiger for following your heart and showing others that there is nothing to be afraid of. We already are.”


    Retreat Attendee

Offerings & Opportunities

Here is what's available within the world of inLight Connect

Naturally... the best place to start, if you haven't, is to receive our weekly inSight Letter

Ready to take radical self-responsibility for your experience of suffering and healing? Tiger Singleton's 30 Days of Conscious Living Course is the perfect way to do just that!

With 15 minutes of insight and wisdom filled videos each day, you'll get the opportunity to playfully explore your inner world. Not only will you gain access to 30 videos with plenty of thought-provoking and heart-opening content, you'll also get written insight, transcripts, and an e-book version of the course!. And the best part? You can reference these videos for years to come.

So... why wait? Take the leap today and live with more love, compassion, and freedom.

Explore the Course Opportunity

In this free weekly show, Tiger encourages viewers to look beyond the veil of conditioning and connect more deeply with the truth of their inherent wholeness. Through sharing ancient wisdom, personal stories and offering intense, yet compassionate insights, this weekly live show helps listeners uncover the beauty, value, and love that exists within them, waiting to be shared with the world.

Watch Live for Free, access FULL recordings and other bonus content in the Free inLight Connect Community.

Learn More about HSFL

Our free community space is a place for heart-centered humans to heal their perception and become more conscious of how they view themselves, others, and life. With access to weekly live videos with Tiger (and recordings), a library of free guided meditations, support from heart-minded individuals, and exclusive opportunities, this community is designed to help members live life beyond fear and share more love.

Join us today and experience the joy of missing out on fear!

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More Love, Compassion, & Freedom?

Are you ready to tap into a deeper sense of love, compassion, and freedom within yourself?

Let's go on inward journey of self-discovery where you come to understand that everything you desire in the world and in others is a reflection of the love, compassion, and freedom that already exists within you.

By peeling back the layers of limiting beliefs and conditioning, you will gain a clearer understanding of yourself and your place in the world. Join us on this transformative journey of self-awareness and personal growth.


At the core of everything you desire, is a longing to experience MORE LOVE. To feel whole and complete as you are and where you are; unhindered by the mind's fear of imaginary monsters. 

(SEE what you are)


Embracing more compassion means cultivating a deeper understanding of the present moment, the underlying causes of conflict and suffering, and creating a space of acceptance and healing for ourselves and those around us.

(BE what you are)


MORE FREEDOM: To truly experience freedom, one must learn to let go of the limitations they place on themselves and the expectations they have of others and the world. By gaining a deeper understanding of oneself, beyond the mind's confusion, one can tap into a true sense of freedom that enables them to fully immerse and enjoy life.

(SHARE what you are)

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We recommend signing up for our free newsletter... inSight Letter (Holding Space for Love to be Seen).

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You can easily unsubscribe anytime if you feel it's just not for you.

We Are All Students
(playful disclaimer)

We understand that the human journey is ever-evolving and that there is no final destination of self-discovery. The journey is full of cycles of growth and contraction, joy and suffering, and self-discovery and self-loss. All of these experiences are a natural part of being human.

Through embracing these cycles with compassion and understanding, we can find deeper beauty and love in our experiences, leading to deeper connections with ourselves, others, and the world around us.


So helpful in finding freedom to enjoy life for what it is! ✨ Helpful reminders that too often we are responding to our imagination and fears, instead of what really is. 🙏

Jen, WI

Embrace Your Unique Journey

The sharing of Tiger Singleton's insights and wisdom is not meant to be taken as a strict teaching, but rather as a form of poetry and art. It is a reflection of his own personal journey and the beauty and understanding he has gained from it. Everyone's journey is unique and the insights gained from one's direct experiences may differ.

Life is the ultimate teacher and we are all students of it. The more we can see life clearly, beyond the mind's filters and interpretations, the more we can recognize the profound wellness that allows us to relax and enjoy the journey of being human.



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Ready to get started?

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Who is Tiger Singleton?
Founder of InLight Connect

Meet Tiger 🐯, a unique blend of playfulness and compassionate guidance, he's been sharing his insight and wisdom with people all over the world for over a decade.

He encourages a deep dive into the present moment, seeing beyond the mind's conditioning, to discover what is truly real and true.

Tiger's approach is direct, sincere and focused on helping people navigate the wonderful, chaotic journey of being human, with more love, compassion and freedom.


Tiger Singleton

Your insight and wisdom is such a gift, the gift of freedom. I love your perspective and the elegant way you put it all together and share it with the world ❤🙏 Thank you!!

Gina,Dayton, OH